DAS Capital is a boutique investment advisory firm specializing in the life science and material science with offices in Shanghai and Beijing, China.

Guided by the Philosophy of Water

- the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu,

in 500 BC, 《Tao Te Ching》


The supreme goodness is like water.

It benefits all things without contention.

In dwelling, it stays grounded.

In being, it flows to depths.

In expression, it is honest.

In confrontation, it stays gentle.

In governance, it does not control.

In action, it aligns to timing.

It is content with its nature and therefore cannot be faulted.




We believe in the financial service industry, where superior service is the key to success. Word of mouth remains the most powerful customer acquisition tool we have.


We believe that out-professionalizing the competition is the only way to differentiate ourselves.


We believe the only sustainable competitive advantage comes from out-innovating the competition. Innovation is the key to catching new trends and delivering needed results.

The company advantage

Life Science Focus

With a 100% Life Sciences focus and our dedication to solution orientation, we speak the same language as our clients and act not only as a service provider, we become a sparring partner.

Life Science Focus

Strategic Consulting

We support Life Sciences companies with strategic consulting and corporate finance advisory services, throughout their entire business cycle. All the way from start-up, via company growth to succession and exit.

Strategic Consulting

Dedicated Research

One of our core capabilities is to deliver sector-specific, proprietary intelligence to our clients. We publish in-depth industry research reports for emerging fields of life science, most of which are the first comprehensive analyses in China. And those research reports have been featured in many of the nation’s top news outlets and major industry publications.

Dedicated Research

Entrepreneurial Roots

Like many of our clients, we started as a small bootstrapped venture with a few employees. We understand what it means to invest years into growing a private company, and we know what we do is mission-critical for the clients we serve. As business builders ourselves, we embrace this deeply personal role in their legacy, and we’re unyielding in our commitment to being our clients’ most trusted partner for independent, expert advice and unparalleled solutions to meet any challenge or need.

Entrepreneurial Roots